Other things besides my topical products can really affect the way your body works and the way your skin looks.

SLEEP:  Getting adequate sleep helps your growth hormones to rebuild tissues. http://www.sleepdex.org/beautysleep.htm

PALEO:  Eating organic grass fed meats and grass fed butter, goat milk, wild fish, vegetables, certain fruits, eggs, certain oils and nuts and eliminating  highly processed foods, grains, and high glycemic foods from your diet can help you live more efficiently and give you more energy. Your skin will benefit too!



for lymphatic drainage to help clear toxins from the body and excess fluid accumulation from the face.

FACIAL EXERCISE:   There are many programs for toning and lifting the face. Facial muscles, like body muscles, need regular fitness exercises to maintain their contours.

CarolynsFacialFitness.com has some great exercises and advice. 

Senta Maria Runge has a program also and this is a link to a free download of her wonderful book showing her exercises and results:  



Uriage BarieSun Children's Sunscreen Milk spf50+ is non-irritating and cosmetically elegant yet effective. Available at


Smoking robs the skin of nutrients, since it shuts down the peripheral bloodflow. It also causes free radicals to form all throughout the body and coarsens and toughens the skin. Many diseases are linked to the ill effects of nicotine in the body. Dont do it!

KEYSTOFREEYOURHEART.COM :  can help with unlocking physical and emotional barriers you or your animal companions may be experiencing. 

UNFUSSED SKIN CARE:  Unfussed ~ where nature and cosmetic science co-exist in beautiful, effective products that will help you to Fall in Love With Your Skin Again. http://www.unfussed.com/store/c1/Featured_Products.html

SKIN LIGHTENING:   http://www.glow-skin.com

HEALING MUSIC:  Liquid Mind is soothing music for working, meditating, sleeping and enjoying life! Listen to it on YouTube free.


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Other ideas are:

MightyLeaf.com tea collections 

Healing Music by Therese Schroeder-Sheker  http://www.amazon.com/Rosa-Mystica-Therese-Schroeder-Sheker/dp/B0000007WO/ref=ntt_mus_dp_dpt_2