≈ A.C.E. OIL ≈
15ml cobalt blue glass dropper bottle/$25

• Contains: 2% Retinyl Palmitate plus 0.05% Retinaldehyde.
• Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate (non-irritating non-acid vitamin C). Its benefits are: antioxidant, UV protection, whitening, MMP inhibition, and collagen protection.
• Mixed Tocotrienols and Tocopherols alpha, beta, gamma and delta (vitamin E)
• Contains Rosemary Leaf Extract as an antioxidant for the oils.
• Passionfruit seed (Maracuja) oil which is known for its content of Piceatannol, essential fatty acids, and vitamin C. Piceatannol is a potent sirtuin activator (more so than resveratrol).
• Pomegranate Seed OIl stimulates keratinocytes in the skin and contains omega 3 fatty acids.
• CHIA SEED oil contains omega 3 fatty acids.
• Squalane is closest to the skin's own natural oils.
• Black seed (nigella sativa) oil is a potent anti-inflammatory and helps to reduce irritation.

• May be used on clean skin twice a day to prepare skin for 4-6 weeks before dermarolling as it contains vitamin C, E and A. Use after each dermarolling session with Peptide Needle Serum.
• Do not use ACE Oil if you are using another company's retinol, retinyl or tretinoin product (such as Retin-A).
• May be used all over the body.
• May be used over Holy Grail at night for added retinol.
• Keep refrigerated and it will be stable for 12 weeks after opening.
• Avoid touching dropper tip to maintain purity.
• Wear sunscreen every day when using retinol products.


30 ml/$45.00
Healing and replenishing moisture milk serum for all skin types.
Pure white serum because it contains copper peptides NOT copper gluconate (the blue ingredient)

• Copper Peptides have the following effects on skin:
-Tighten loose skin and improve elasticity.
-Improve skin density and firmness.
-Reduce fine lines and deep wrinkles.
-Improve skin clarity.
-Reduce signs of photodamage and mottled hyper-pigmentation.

• Contains virgin argan oil - very rich in unsaponifiables, tocopherols and vitamin E. It is an active oil ideal to fight against drying and ageing of the skin. Functions: anti-chapping, anti-wrinkle, antioxidant, emollient, hydrating, anti-acne, eczema treatment, and burns treatment.
• Epidermosil™ (Silanetriol (and) Hyaluronic Acid)
- Keratinocytes stimulation --> proliferation (optimized re-epithelisation) and hyaluronic acid production
- Stimulation involved in hydration process (Natural Moisturizing Factor, barrier function water transmembrane channel…)
• Lactylates and ceramide 3 for skin barrier function enhancement and softness.
• Lactylates have a healing effect on skin and help to tighten pores. Readily penetrate skin.
Pure water * Silanetriol (and) Hyaluronic Acid * Virgin Organic Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil * Sodium Lactylate * Copper Tri-Peptide (Cu-GHK) * phosphatidylcholine * capric/caprylic triglycerides * Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter * glyceryl caprylate * glycerin * Ceramide NP * Phenoxyethanol (as preservative).

Apply this milky serum to clean dry skin before or after other serums, day or night. Reapply during the day for added moisture replenishment.
May be used after dermal needling to enhance healing benefits and barrier repair. Helps acne-prone skin heal and become smooth again.